The estimate of the attendance was between 550 and 700 as we await confirmation of ticket sales from our colleagues at Bel Canto Chorus.

It was a memorable event for so many reasons, not least it being the farewell concert of Mark Armstrong our esteemed Music Director of 13 years (seen here in rehearsal last Sunday, June 21st).

It was poignant also for the fact that we dedicated the performance to those who were so deeply affected by loss of life and by injury in the recent Berkeley tragedy. Thank you to Rick Hynson for your moving words of introduction about that event.

Thank you for Bel Canto Chorus for having us as part of your Irish tour; to the PP and parishioners of Mount Argus for the venue; to Alan Smale and the Degani Sinfonia (brilliant!); to all those 'behind the scenes' who made it possible.

Rick Hynson, Music Director of Bel Canto Chorus, pictured at the end of our performance in Mount Argus Church

Most importantly, thank you to our audience whose enthusiastic reception was so gratifying and thrilling. We are delighted that you enjoyed the music so much, as we did performing it.

We rest until September and we look forward, with excitement, to the arrival of Lynsey Callaghan (pictured) as our new Musical Director.

Onwards and upwards at TCS. We hope you all have a good Summer.