As An Gnath- Saturday 13th August

We were involved last May with the Irish National Opera in creating a bilingual virtual community opera (As an Gnath). It has its premier at the Kilkenny Art Festival on 9th -14 August. We have tickets for the one-hour show on Saturday and a few of us are going to see what it looks and sounds like.
It's our first such venture and we have no idea what to expect- a pleasant surprise we hope!!.
If you want to join us for a day out, contact

  • Join us this Monday for a term of singing and we hope a good buzz. Bring along a friend to support you, it’s always easier if you have a friend. We are starting back a bit early as we have a busy term ahead of us.

  • A 'Come and Sing' is a fun amateur event where singers come together and try to learn a piece of music in a day and sing it together that evening. So, on 3rd September, Lynsey, our conductor, will try and teach some TCS members, the Belfast Philharmonic Choir (we think they know the music) and anybody else who comes on the day, most of Jenkins-The Armed Man.  TCS is delighted to try our hand at this event because we hope to sing this music at the end of January next. The good news is that the Dublin- Belfast train will bring you up and back on the day. We think that there are still tickets available, so if interested contact

  • Tonight is the night, we specially welcome new members and their friends to come and enjoy a bit of singing with a nice cup of tea/biscuit. Lynsey, and we hope the rest of the choir, will show you how to enjoy singing and we might even practice a song or two that we hope to sing on Culture Night. THIS IS THE NIGHT TO PUT YOUR TOES IN THE WATER AND SEE IF YOU LIKE SINGING WITH A CHOIR.

  • TCS members will be singing for about 10-15 minutes in the Tallaght Theatre on the Greenhills Rd. in a community event organised by Sounds Ensemble. This will be enjoyable and our president Fr. Donal Sweeney will help us prepare for this years Culture Night.