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What's involved?

You have missed the Open  Rehearsal but don't worry our 2023 term starts on Monday 9 January.  New members are welcome then. Over the following 3 weeks we will be practising very hard for our upcoming concert on 27 January. While new members will not be able to perform at the concert, it's nevertheless a good opportunity to join the rehearsals, to listen and see if we suit you.  If you like what you find,  then you will be ready to sing for our May concert.

We hold practice sessions in St Mary's Priory, Tallaght Village weekly on Monday nights from 7.45 -9.45 pm. Our usual  concert season runs to late May 2023.

                              We have an extra special student/refugee rate

Click on News and Events page to see our draft programme of events  

What's expected of me?

Mainly commitment to learn the pieces together with an ability to sing in pitch and with accurate rhythm. You do not need to be able to read music or have had formal voice lessons.  These are useful skills but not essential. Our practice nights help all members brush up on their vocal and musical skills.  Your fellow singers will help you sing better and we will also tell you about useful sites where you can listen to and learn your line. There's lots of help around, so don't be afraid to ask. 

Tallaght Choral Society is made up of a diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds. There is a great friendly social aspect to our choir.  We  actively welcome new members and we have a special rate for students /refugees 

We aim to help everyone improve their vocal/performance skills, get to know their fellow singers and most importantly enjoy themselves.

We usually hold up to four performances a year and we often collaborate with other large choral and orchestral groups.

How do I join?

If you are interested but don't have a lot of experience with choirs, why not just come along on Mondays and try out a rehearsal or two. No harm in testing the water to see whether our music suits you !! After a few weeks, Tallaght Choral Society will audition you to assess which voice part is best for you.

To find out more, please contact us at or just take the plunge and join us on Mondays!


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